Analysis of Game Design

Game design has changed throughout time depending on the target audience and even depending on the platform it was designed to be played on. Different games have tried to implement different and new game mechanics to make themselves unique and fresh, sometimes this works in favour of the game and people are able to experience video games …

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Christmas Game Design

In order to create the Christmas Game we are working in teams within our classes: I am in a team with Zara and Alice and we have decided to create a game that, instead of going horizontally like many of example games researched, goes vertically. Our game uses the scenario that Santa's sleigh has crashed …

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Christmas Game Research

Before starting designing the Christmas game, we played several games that were available on browsers or phones which showed us what type of games were available on browsers. We played last years college Christmas game which had city monuments in Sunderland in the background as you played as santa dropping presents in chimneys as you avoided birds. …

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