Art Essay | History of the Borderlands Art

Throughout the years art has always been influenced by something that came before it. Whether it be something natural like Vincent Van Gogh looking up into the nights sky and seeing "Starry Night" or even artists seeing ever day things and wanting to put their own spin on it, much like Andy Warhol's work, artists …

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Sculptris & Mudbox Introduction

This week and last we used some new modelling programs to experiment character modelling in. As a part of our character design brief in Tony's class we have an option to animate our character and to do this we first can build a 3D model of our character. To model our character we have started …

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Muscle Topology

Écorché is a type of illustration where the skin is removed so the different muscles are drawn. Below I have found a photo of Emilia Clarke and highlighted the muscle structure on her face. When drawing faces, the muscle structure comes greatly into the equation when trying to make the face look visually appealing.