Portfolio & Moving On

I have presented my portfolio and recieved a predicted grade of a merit after it which I am happy with.

Over the past year on the NextGen course I have gained lots of new skills and learned things which I overwise would have not. I can no longer play video games without admiring the 3D models and texturing in them which I had earlier overlooked and took for granted. 

Next year I am planning to study biology, photography and psychology at A level in order to be able to study zoology at university.

While I think this is the right decision for me personally, I feel I will miss the environment of the NextGen classrooms as well as the teachers as they were kind and always willing to help.

I definitely want to take the skills I have learned on the NextGen course and improve them indepently as I genuinely enjoyed creating new things on this course. I do not regret taking this course (even though I will be spending an extra year at college 😦 ) and I am very thankful to all the teachers.

The teachers on NextGen are all very easy to talk to and you can tell they are passionate about what they teach through the ways they present their lessons and talk about their specific subject. So thank you to all the teachers 🙂 

Links to blog posts for blog assessment:

Room Project (x)

Ident Animation (x)

Art Essay (x)

Game Jam (x)

VFX (x)

Low Poly Models (x)


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