Game Jam Assessment Summary

This week I have completed the Game Jam programming assessment which we had spent a few months prior preparing for. The Game Jam took place from the 9th to the 19th of June (2 weeks where we had a maximum of 24 hours within to complete the Game Jam) and tasked us with programming a top down 2D stealth game.

For the Game Jam we were pretty much prepared for all of it code wise, we had completed a Game Jam prep game in class to get used to programming player controls and enemies etc. (you can view my prep here.) the only thing I wasn’t completely sure how to do was the Timer we needed to code for extra marks, the main difficulty I came across trying to do this is that I hadn’t set the canvas the timer’s text was attached to render through my camera so I kept trying to attach my text to a game object till I figured this out, but after that was fixed everything went pretty smoothly. We were allowed to bring in as many notes as we wanted so if there was a part of the code I was having difficulty remembering I could easily just jot it down and bring it into the exam.

Here is the gameplay:


I feel like design wise I made the game a bit too easy and the timer definitely does not need to be 60 seconds, but programming wise it works well.


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