VFX Idea

For a brief in VFX we need to create a piece of VFX footage which is no less than five seconds but no more than 15 seconds. We need to record the footage before importing it into Adobe After Effects to edit and add different kinds of effects to it.

  • Synopsis

My idea is to create effects that make my guinea pig look like the Pokémon Pikachu coming out of a pokéball and then have his cheeks spark lightning.

  • Plan

My plan is to record 4 different bits of footage and then mash them together to make the video flow nicely. The first footage will be shot in front of me with the pokéball opening, the video will then switch to footage from my perspective of the pokéball ball open with a laser coming from the pokéball before switching to my perspective with my guinea pig now on the ground. It will then switch to a shot in front of my guinea pig and I will (try) to animate the Pikachu cheek lightning thing.

  • Storyboard

  • Progress

So far (11/05) I have recorded footage for my VFX project and have so far edited the lightning sparks onto my guinea pig’s cheeks:


I am unhappy with the footage I got involving the pokéball so I am going to try and re-record that and add it to the beginning of this footage and make a nice transition.


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