Game Jam Prep – Final

Today in class I finished the game I had been working on to prepare for the Game Jam. Some of the assets I had made earlier (the dining tables, oven, fridge etc.) made the game unnecessarily  difficult to code and build so I’ve replaced then with black squares for the time being. In addition to this, I wanted there to be multiple pick ups but I haven’t quite figured that out yet so I’ve just put one.

But, in preparation for the Game Jam next week, I have finished all the needed code and features in my game.

I used 5 c# files in total

Since I only had one enemy I only used the Advanced enemy controller. Here is how my game plays:

GIFMy game is currently much too easy so I am planning to add another enemy (I think a chef character) to make it harder as you can pretty much pass the waiter without any bother. I want to make the scene look more detailed also, as I said before I hadn’t thought about the colliders and such when making my assets so they didn’t work too well with the coding and in the actual scene.

However, in this game I have everything I needed to know for the Game Jam assessment so I feel not as worried for next week as I did before.


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