Analysis of Game Design

Game design has changed throughout time depending on the target audience and even depending on the platform it was designed to be played on. Different games have tried to implement different and new game mechanics to make themselves unique and fresh, sometimes this works in favour of the game and people are able to experience video games in a new light, but often this works against the game and makes gameplay feel somewhat awkward.

Until Dawn PS4


Until Dawn is a Playstation 4 exclusive survival horror game released in 2015 by Supermassive Games You play as all the main characters at some point in the game and it is shown in third person. What stood out to me the most about this game is that it has strong links to the butterfly effect theory and used this to give its game multiple endings and scenarios etc. based on what choice the player makes. I played through the entirety of the game about 4 times to be able to get the platinum trophy and discovered myself in different situations due to their ‘butterfly’ effect nearly every time. A big part, if not the main part, of this game is the choices you make. You do this in a way which is similar to what Life is Strange and the Telltale games do.

Until Dawn™_20150822014404

However, what made me prefer this game more than games like Life is Strange and Telltale games is the story I liked much more and these games,due to the lack of action, rely massively on their stories which I like because I feel the plot is very important in video games.

Fable 3Xbox 360


Fable 3 is a open world role playing game released in 2010 by Lionhead studios. It was available on both Xbox 360 and PC (I played it on my Xbox) and while a lot of people argue this is the worst Fable game, it is my favourite as it’s the first one I played in the series because I played the whole series in backward order for a reason I cannot remember.

I really loved the story in this game, it is based in a land named Albion and you play as the Prince / Princess who needs to defeat their older brother who is King and has turned somewhat evil. There is also a Guild Seal which gives you the ability to cast spells such as fire, ice, storm etc.

While you do not get to make important choices during the game, at the end of the game when you become King / Queen the choices you make can effect how your Albion turns out when the story is finished (if you still want to play the open world feature).

However, my favourite feature in this game is that your character’s opinion changes on whether you do morally good or morally evil actions within the game, which at the time was the first game I’d played with this in it.

I also remember really enjoying the side quests in this game and everything had some sort of fun little story. I feel this game was mostly targeted at teenagers and young adults as it doesn’t take itself very seriously and there aren’t any massive plot twists in the game but its still fun to play. However, since Microsoft published they didn’t make it available on any other platforms other than Xbox and the Windows store on PC which didn’t make it very available to people who play on playstations etc.

Star Wars: The Old RepublicPC

swtor-knights-of-eternal-throne-2_thumb1SWTOR is the first game I got properly into when I first switched from console to PC. It’s a free to play MMO based in the Star Wars universe created by BioWare and EA and first released in 2011. Since logging on recently it’s had a lot of different updates since when I used to play it, there is now a level cap on planets and you don’t have to walk everywhere till you unlock the sprint ability. In a weird way I prefer the game more when there wasn’t these improvements even though what the developers have done has improved the game.

There are 8 Republic and 8 Imperial classes you can choose from in total, with both being separated in all zones except PVP zones.

1355080466-swtor-2012-12-09-20-02-04-04The graphics aren’t really the best, but it’s a free to play MMO so you can’t really complain much. I feel the free to play part of the game is actually quite good, you can play the story, which is actually alright, and reach level 50 without spending any money at all. I feel this game was aimed at adult males due to most of the people in the Guilds I was in being men in their 20s / 30s.

Although there was no reason for me to like this game, I wasn’t really too into Star Wars or MMOs, I really liked this game when I was playing it and wasted a lot of time and money on it. Although I wouldn’t play it now, mostly due to the changes in both the game and community, I liked it back when it had first came out and remember it fondly.

Halo WarsXbox 360 & PC


This is the game I’m currently playing right now due to it’s remastered being released on Steam about two weeks ago. Halo Wars is a simple RTS based in the Halo universe and was released in 2010. I first played it on the 360 and really loved it so I’m really happy it’s been released on Steam. Although it’s not as complex as other RTS games like StarCraft I like it a lot since I played it so young.

In Halo Wars I mostly play multiplayer, although the story of the game is actually quite good as well. In multiplayer there are two main game modes: death match and skirmish. While death match you start off with all your upgrades for units done and lots of money, in skirmish you start off with very little and have to build up your whole base from starting with very little.

There are 6 players you can choose to play as in multiplayer, 3 UNSC and 3 Covenant. If you play as Covenant you can play as people seen in previous games (Arbiter, Prophet of Regret and Brute Chieftain) and have them as a hero on the battlefield with their special ability, e.g. Arbiter has a slash ability which you can control with his two energy swords. While if you play as UNSC you can play as one of the 3 characters which in this game (Captain Cutter, Sargent Forge and Professor Anders). Each of the UNSC have a special unit only they can create as well as a feature which helps with the bases.


I feel this game is mostly aimed at young adult men even though I really loved this aged 9/ 10 and I think its really good, the graphics are good for a RTS and the flow of the game is good if the people you are playing against don’t use cheese strategies.



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