High Quality Modelling Project

Today in class we started a new group project where we each will be focusing on one asset each from a chosen theme. I am in a group with Matthew, Steven, Sam, Charlie, Adam, Andrew and Eden and we have chosen steampunk as our theme. In our group we are each creating a steampunk inspired asset that could be found in a steampunk style workshop and spending a long while perfecting this single asset. My asset which I chose was a wrench.

To start off I did some researched steampunk inspired wrenches as well as genuine everyday wrenches and collected images of both online to get inspiration before trying to design my own wrench.

research images.PNG

I then did some sketches of some wrench ideas I had of my own on paper to help decide what I wanted to then go and model:


After drawing all these I think I want to go on and model the one in the upper right corner. I turned it kind of into a mix of a wrench and a multi tool but I kind of like it. Next I’m going to draw a front and side view of this wrench to import into MAYA as aid when I begin modelling the wrench.


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