Sculptris & Mudbox Introduction

This week and last we used some new modelling programs to experiment character modelling in. As a part of our character design brief in Tony’s class we have an option to animate our character and to do this we first can build a 3D model of our character.

To model our character we have started using other 3D modelling programs that are built more towards details. We used Mudbox this week and Sculptris last week and after experiencing both I much prefer Mudbox to Sculptris. I found the shortcuts much easier.

I modelled this lizard’s back fin in mudbox today:


I did this using the freeze, move and foamy sculpt tools.

We also sent the default human model available in Mudbox to MAYA and attempted to model a shoulder pad on him (which did not go too well) using the magnet and quad tools. If this had went well I could have imported this back into Mudbox, added detail, made this a normal map before putting this onto the low poly model which we’d made before in MAYA.


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