Home Project #1

Today I am going to start a project to be done in MAYA that is completely unrelated to all my work at college. I want to try and do something which is kind of like the Room Project,since I wasn’t 100% happy with how that turned out, but instead of attempting to make all my models look realistic like I did with the Room Project I’m going to stylise my models like I did in the Low Poly Group Project (but without giving myself a limit of 1000 tri’s because that made modelling certain things stressful 😦 )

So for my home project I am going to try to model my house in Neko Atsume. Neko Atsume is basically a phone game where you have a house and you buy cat toys and then cats come and visit your house and play with the said cat toys. It isn’t the most complex of games but I think the art is simplistic and cute. This is my house in Neko Atsume:


So for my own little project I’m going to try and make a 3D environment in MAYA which is very similar to this.

To start of this project I modelled the cabinet on the left hand side of the image

Screenshot (195)

and the lamp

Screenshot (196)

For the majority of my models I want to texture using ramp shaders to give a cartoony look but for some things, like the glass windows on the cabinet, I will have to create textures in photoshop which I will have to do in college hours because I do not own photoshop at home. Hopefully I will finish this project and not forget about it 🙂


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