Low Poly Modelling Project Week 2: Texturing and More Models

This week I first focused on texturing the models which I created last lesson. I did this mostly using ramp shaders as for low poly these do very good texturing. Ramp shades allow you to blend two colours so depending on where MAYA is rendering the image from it gives shadows and such to the model. On the example below I have added a ramp shader to these flowers which I modelled this lesson.

bellsBelow is the ramp shader I used for these blue bells to create the effect that some areas are light purple whereas other areas are dark purple.

ramp shader

Below are these models which I added textures to this lesson:


Not sure I’m 100% sure with this colour white I chose for the flower. I wanted it to look like a daisy so I used a discoloured white but I think it might be too bright for the overall tile.





For this model I UV unwrapped the top of the mushroom and imported that into photoshop to draw the texture for the dots because already made textures made the dots very distorted.


toadstool 2


Above are bluebells which I began modelling and texturing this lesson and are not yet finished but I am happy with how they are coming along.


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