Game Jam Prep: Week 2

This week we continued making our individual game to help us prepare for the upcoming game jam assignment. I changed the setting for my game from a household to a restaurant (because I couldn’t think of a way to put 5 full salmon fish in a house without it seeming weird).

14032017Above you can see the level for my game. The cat (the main character) has to collect the 5 salmon fish from inside the restaurant and escape with them. The chef and waiter will make the player fail the game if they walk into their line of sight. Most of the stuff I made above are to make the scene look pretty but the important things are the:

  • Cat: player
  • Chef: enemy
  • Waiter: enemy
  • Salmon fish: collectables

I have added colliders to everything and a rigidbody to my cat but at the moment the coded movement is not really working too well


Next week I want to sort the code out for the walking ( 😦 ) and add code that allows the salmon to be picked up and also add stuff to make the NPCs move.


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