Low Poly Modelling Project

Last week we learnt that we would be creating a Low Poly environment in groups for an app which is being created for a local mental health charity. I am in Alice’s team with Chloe, Eden and Rachael and we are creating a tile with a low poly forest environment on top of it. This lesson Alice has created the actual tile we are putting all the models on along with its texture, Chloe has been creating a cottage which is going on the tile, Eden is in charge of animals and this lesson she has been modelling a fox and Rachael has modelled a bridge for the tile.

In this project we are only allowed a maximum of 1000 tris or 500 polys per object or it is higher than the low poly restrictions. This has made me more aware of how many polys I am using in my models but hasn’t been too annoying as I have kept a close eye on the poly count while I have been modelling.

I have been focussing on the natural part of the tile so I have created various plants and mushrooms.

Below are some of the models I have created this lesson:

flowertoadstooltoadstool 2tree 1tree 2

I still need to texture these models so they look good when they are put onto the tile and I also want to create a few more models before next lesson ready to be textured. Modelling in low poly was fun as it felt like I was making the models stylised so they didn’t have to look 100% like what they are. I think this project has been my favourite so far in 3D (even though I’ve only had a week working on it) as I’ve liked modelling flowers and stuff etc. which I haven’t really had a chance to do in anything else.



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