Matte Painting

Today we created a Matte Painting in Adobe After Effects. To start this, I created a moodboard of what kind of scene I wanted to aim towards which is kind of like an abandoned Eastern city.


I then collected several images which I wanted to include in my final matte painting image. For the background, I found this image:


I wanted my image to include a character and I thought the dog was cute so I chose this to be the base for my painting. I then put it into photoshop and removed the buildings and sky. For the buildings I chose this image:


I like these buildings because their colours are nice shades of brown but I removed the plant pots in photoshop because I wanted to go with an abandoned feel and these plants look neat and well kept. I then found several images of plants which I edited and included in several spots in my image (on the buildings and on the road)

My matte painting is unfinished currently and I still need to do a lot of stuff to improve it using the effects in after effects as I’ve just arranged everything where I want it for the time being but this is what my matte painting looks like right now:


I want to add a lot more plants to make the entire scene look overgrown. I need to cover the part where the sky meets the road as well as the gap where I’ve edited out the plant plots but I think when its done I think it will look good.


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