Ident: Submission Post

I did this short animation in MAYA.

A problem I encountered was that I wanted the eyes to be closed at the beginning but open throughout the rest of the animation. I solved this by using blend shapes and made two extra models of the ghost with one and both eyes closed.

I have tried to portray squash and stretch with the ghosts’ hands slapping together and also slow in and slow out with this action as well. I’ve tried to use follow through with the ghosts’ hands when he goes forwards and arcs when the fly is flying around.

I like how it turned out but I feel like I was too worried about the animation being too long because my storyboard was four pages long so its kind of fast and rushed and the actual animation finishes before 10 seconds. I would want to make the animation better paced. I also like how at the end the ghost stares forwards it reminds me of when people look into the camera on The Office because even though the ghost has killed the fly the fly has come back as a ghost just to annoy him. I don’t really think that this would go into the principle as exaggeration because I haven’t added anything else but it definitely shows the ghosts’ emotions.


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