Different Interpretations of Heads

Today in class we are researching how different artists draw heads. We were given several artists who all produce abstract interpretations of heads and told to describe what we do and don’t like about them. Its interesting to see how different people all see heads and interpret them differently.

  • Alex Pardee


This piece of artwork was used for the cover of the album Conviction by an American rock band named Aiden. I like how the head has been completely covered with flowers so much that you can not see any of his facial features at all. It  makes me think that even though the mans outfit is pretty dull and we cannot see his face at all, he is beautiful because beautiful thoughts are coming out of his head (represented by the flowers). However, the man has scissors in his pocket and has a cut off flower in his hand so perhaps he is trying to remove these thoughts? The mans baggy clothes and skinny hands makes me think that the man is not well off but is trying to share his beautiful thoughts anyway. This piece of art kind of reminds me of street art Banksy would do. Judging by how it looks I think this could have been done traditionally then scanned into a computer. I really like the design of the flowers coming out the head in this but I am not too keen on how the human parts of him look. It is well designed and drawn but it is not something I personally would like to produce. If I was going to take something from this piece of work and use it in my own it would be the use of flowers where flowers are not usually used.

  • Dave Mckean

dave-mckeanFor Dave Mckean I chose this photo of a mans face who, if you look closely, you can tell is made up of several cactuses. This illustration is named Cactus and I like that the mans face is blended into the dessert environment.  However, this particular art is not very clear (with sketchy lines) which I do not dislike but its kind of hard to see what is going on in the background (I think I can see the waves of the ocean but I am not 100% sure) but overall I really like how the artist have created a human face out of plants. I think this was sketched digitally in a application like photoshop. I would like to take the artists creativity to make a human face out of plants and maybe use it in my own work.

  • Elif Varol Ergen

elifI find this persons art work somewhat gruesome, in the majority of their art red is used excessively and makes me think of blood and guts. In this image alone there are chopped off body parts littered around the floor and the main focus of the image is a head split in two. I think the main point of this particular image is just to be art and I really like the bold outlines of everything. I like the artists individually even if it does not appeal to me and I’ve never really seen anything like this before. I feel like the artist might have been inspired by Japanese horror as it gives that feel with the multiple eyes. I would like to take this artists bold outlines from their work to use in my own.

  • Elisa Sassi

elisa sassi.PNGElisa Sassi’s style is very cutesy cartoony. This particular image is to be used as a sticker in a chatting app called Line which is primarily used in Japan. The artist seems strongly inspired by anime and cutesy stuff and I like how the eyes are drawn. However, I do not really like the chibi style where the head is large than the entire body. I do not think I’d take anything from this particular style- I think it is well done for what it is and is visually apealling- but I prefer the people to look more realistic.

  • Gabriel Picolo


The artist I have chose myself to write about is Gabriel Picolo so does most of his work online (he currently has no published work ): ) but he posts a lot of his stuff on social media and I like all of his work a lot. He did a project a few years back where he drew in a sketchbook everyday for a year with fine liners and all those drawings were really good.

However, the particular image above is from his serious Icarus and the Sun which is based on a Greek tale of Icarus who was gifted flight but flew too close to the sun and died. In this series Gabriel Picolo has personified the sun as a female character and in the above image you can see that Icarus is being melted by them as if he is made of candle wax. How he draws his heads is kind of based of anime style (you can see through his work online he’s been inspired by anime) but with his own twist: there is a consistency with all of his work. What I like about Gabriel Picolo’s work is that he took a story which involved an inanimate object and turned it into his own by giving the sun its own look and personality.


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