Character Animation within AfterEffects

Today in class we covered simple animation for characters in AfterEffects. For this we used a premade sprite and the pin tool in AfterEffects.


The pin tool is at the very end of the taskbar and is highlighted in blue. With this tool we use the already selected “Puppet Pin Tool” and select key joints on the sprite.


For this particular sprite, I pinned both his wrists and shoulders, between his two heads, under his neck and along his waist, the tops of both his legs as well as his ankles. If I were to do a more complex character or a higher quality animation I would pin each joint in his finger etc. as well as knees among other things.

After pinning everything that is needed, if you select a joint and then press control on the keyboard before moving the pin you can animate the characters movement. Using this, I did this very simple animation of the sprite waving its hands and stomping its foot.

monster stomp.gif


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