Ident: Improving Animation

Last time I finished the animation blocking (planning out the key scenes of my animation as key scenes on MAYA) so this time I have been trying to improve the animation by making small tweaks to make it more visually appealing.

So far all I have done is try and making the timing better (but I will need to do a lot lot more on timing for the final animation as it is much too fast currently) and try to add squash and stretch the first time the ghost slaps his hands together. I also need to make it so you can’t see the alive fly and ghost fly at the same time during their transition.

I think for what I have done so far my animation is looking good but I want to add a lot more squash and stretch to make it look better (in the hand movement and when my ghost rushes forwards) but I’ve managed to do all the eye movement and use blend shapes for the ghost which has made it look quite good at the beginning I think.

Next week I want to work on adding principles into the animation to improve its realism and just overall make it look a lot better.

Today we also learned about batch rendering which we will use to render our animation when it is completely finished (instead of using a playblast) We render it from MAYA (which might take several hours) before exporting it to adobe premier pro to make tweaks to it to make it look better and finish the animation. Batch rendering will make the animation look high quality and polished but it takes a while which is why we have been using playblasts for the work in progress videos instead of batch rendering.


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