Mocha AE

Today in class we were planar tracking using the Mocha AE software.


To begin we needed to import the footage into After Effects before going to Animation > track in Mocha AE to import this footage into Mocha. In Mocha we used the X pen tool to draw a box around the general area which we will be working with and then use the square tool with an S in the centre to draw a box around the area where we want to place the image or text. We then play backwards and play forwards to allow the footage to adjust to the tracking (this may take a while). We then copy this to clipboard before creating a black solid in After Effects the size of our composition before pasting our Mocha data onto this solid which will attach the black solid to the place we planar tracked. We then right click on the black solid and precompose this layer before double clicking and importing the image and text we want to use. We then right click on the image or text then go transform > Fit to Comp. Click back onto the original composition and then the image should be on this also.


We then did this process again but with a moving train.

The Mocha software made planar tracking much easier than it was to do in After Effects and also made the finished product look a lot better.


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