Art Deco in BioShock

Within the games BioShock 1 & 2 (but Infinite’s Columbia not so much) you can see the theme of Art Deco through its city Rapture throughout its items to city structure.

Above you can see a photo of a hotel based in London named Claridges which is heavily inspired by Art Deco. This is evident in the font used for the name and also its structure (the metal beams in the windows and also the large windows letting in a lot of light) On the right is the entrance to Rapture which you see at the very beginning of the game. The font has some resemblance the Claridge’s.

On the left you can see some Art Deco buildings based in America and on the left is a screenshot from the BioShock Infinite DLC Burial at Sea (based in Rapture). You can see in the photos that both buildings are very tall and are made up of geometric shapes. They also have lots of windows which makes the buildings seem modern and minimalistic.

On the left is a kind of lounge room inspired by art deco. The walls are pale and there is a lot of lights to illuminate the room. You can see the resemblance from the screenshot on the right to the real life room on the left with the art and (even though the curtains are currently closed) the windows. The minimalism is also evident in both photos.


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