Ident: Planning my Animation

  • Research

To get ideas for my animation I watched existing idents for TV channels such as Disney XD and Cartoon Network.

Disney XD usually have some sort of small story or event that causes the Disney XD logo to appear at the end.

In this example the characters from a TV show featured on the channel are gathering twigs and flowers which then form the Disney XD logo.

Someone cleaning away the leaves then comes along, not noticing the characters are there, and blows them away revealing a Disney XD logo on his wind machine.

This adds humour to the animation so if children enjoyed this animation they may show it to their friends and because of the Disney XD logo it is very obvious where it came from. The animation is also very well done so it is aesthetically pleasing and there are no unnecessary moments which are not needed within the animation which makes it flow well.

  • Idea

A ghost attempting to catch a fly.

  • Synopsis

My idea for my animation is using a model which I created last lesson with the intent of creating an ident.


My model is a ghost and my idea is to have him trying to catch a fly before finally being successful only to have the fly become a ghost.

  • Treatment

Ghost in centre of screen.

A fly appears which is clearly agitating the ghost.

The ghost’s eyes follow the fly.

Ghost attempts to swat fly only to have it fly backwards.

Ghost attempts to charge at fly only to have it go through its body.

Ghost slams its hands directly together with the fly in between.

The fly falls to the ground.

A few second later there is a buzzing  noise and the fly rises again as a ghost.

  • Asset List

Create character rig for ghost

Make it so ghost can change its expressions (where eyes are facing and shape of mouth)

Create fly model

Create a second fly model (for when it becomes a ghost)

Do the animation for both ghost and fly.

  • Storyboard





  • Why planning is important for animations.

The planning process is important for animations so you know your animations purpose and there are no unnecessary animations or models etc. It is also important to know the order of the animations as well as making  a list of everything that is needed within the animation so nothing is forgotten about.

Planning is also important so the animation has purpose and makes sense.


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