Robot Project

A month ago we were given a task of designing our own robot. We first had to research existing robot designs to see what kind of robots currently existed in video games, movies etc. You can read the blog post about my research here. After my research, I decided I would like to design a robot inspired by Songbird, a large, bird-like, steampunk robot from the video game BioShock Infinite (video game) and Hoodini, and owl robot which also had a steampunk feel to him from Battleborn (video game). Because of this I decided that the overall theme of my designs would be steampunk robots which were loosely based on animals.


These are my draft sketches for potential robot designs.

I then went a furthered my design for the armadillo robot. I liked how armadillos have an armoured body which I thought could be perceived as an armoured robot. I thought it could be some kind of exploding weapon that could be used as the armadillo could go into enemy areas before rolling into its ball and detonating.


However, after drawing this design I wasn’t 100% happy with it. Since I liked the idea of the armadillos ‘scales’ I thought I should instead further the idea of my snake robot.


I drew this design and liked it much better than my armadillo idea as I thought it was much more robot – like.


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