Today in class we covered that Idents were kind of  like animated logos and a new project in class would be to create an ident of our own. The begin this we researched existing ident characters and after research I decided to create a ghost.

ident ghost.PNG

Above is the character I created for my ident. I am happy with how the model turned out and create it by modifying cylinders and spheres and using the Boolean tool.

After modelling this ghost I kept the main body separate from the hands and the thumbs separate from the main hand so when I animate him I will be able to move all these components separately. I did this in the hierarchy hypergraph.


In the image below of the hierarchy you can see that the MainBody is the main parent and all of the other components of the ghost are somehow connected to this. The RightHand and LeftHand are children of the MainBody and then the RightThumb is child of the parent RightHand, same with the LeftHand and LeftThumb. This means the thumb can move independently, when the hand moves it also moves the thumb with it and when the main body moves it moves itself as well as moving both hands and thumbs.


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