Dystopian Vehicle Research

After finishing the robot project, our next brief is to design a vehicle which would be seen in a dystopian environment. To begin this I researched current dystopian vehicles for inspiration.


The picture above is by an artist named Gutalin. I like how he has took an old fashioned airship and reinvented it so it looks like it could exist in a dystopia. I also like how, even though airships are flying vehicles it is below the top of the buildings- this gives the impression that the city is made of skyscrapers so people travel by airships between different areas.


I found this image of DeviantArt and is by a user named onestepart. I like the colours used in this image, the glowing neon lights give the impression of a cyberpunk city with futuristic technology. Even though it has a vehicle which is flying below the tops of the building, it gives a very different feel compared to the previous image as the first image gives a feel of isolation: not many people can be seen and since the buildings are so large and not small and tightly together, everyone seems far away. However, at the bottom of the second image there are lots of people all close together in crowds and the bright lights make the city seem more alive. The vehicle in the image also reflects this as unlike the first vehicle it has bright lights and is a metallic material whilst the first one looks somewhat damaged and old.


The image above is concept art for the movie ‘Elysium’ by Aaron Beck. I like this as, even though the plane resembles modern day ships, things like its shape, colour and design makes it seem futuristic. The litter on the floor also gives the overall image a dystopian feel.



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