Room Project Final

This is the work I did for the room project. Instead of modelling a real life room or designing a spaceship interior I decided to design a realistic bedroom. You can see my research post here. For my research I looked at room designs on websites like pinterest.

I drew my overall design for the room first.

After doing this I began to make my models. I was absent for the lighting lesson so I am not 100% sure how to work lighting within MAYA but I went through the powerpoint and watched a few YouTube videos and have attempted to 3 point light my three favourite models.

My first one is a plant-


Although I didn’t model the actual plant (it was premade within MAYA) and got a lot of help from a tutorial, I like how the plant turned out and think it goes well in my room.

A piggy bank-


The piggy bank is quite small in the room (it is on the triangle shelves) but I thought it turned out good and looks cute.

My last favourite model is a hamster cage-

Screenshot (52).png

This model was a bit last minute after when I arranged everything and thought there was too much empty space. Its design is quite simple but I liked how it turned out. I would like to maybe try modelling a hamster for it or maybe animation of a hamster running on a wheel (if you can do that?)


These are some screenshots of the completed room (without lighting).

Screenshot (58).png

A bookshelf.

Screenshot (60).png

A bed with a plant beside it.


A wall shelf with a hamster cage beside it.

Screenshot (62).png

A desk with some art supplies on it.

After completing the project I feel like I am more familiar with MAYA controls but I feel like I need to improve my texturing skills (everything looked a lot better to me without texture ): ) I also would have textured all of my models in separate scenes as I textured them all in the same scene and this made it tedious.


I choose this type of lighting for my room as I liked that it made my room look like it was night time but either a streetlight was shining in on the room or a car’s headlight was passing by.


Screenshot (64).png


I liked the lighting as it added and eerie feel to the room.


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