3D Camera Tracking

Today we were tasked with creating an 8 second clip with text on top.


We made sure we were using a HD composition with Ray-traced 3D rendering before using the text tool to create text which was a 3D layer. In this example I used my name in the font Baushaus size 300. We then made the text go invisible for the time being as we sorted out the video.

We imported the already recorded 8 second clip to aftereffects before adding a 3D camera tracker. This analysed the video clip but to get the quality we needed for a final result like this we needed to do detailed analysis. We then formed a triangle with the crosses so that the centre bullseye lay on the ground before setting this as the ground plane and origin as well as creating a shadow catcher for camera and light with it.

We then made it so we could see the text again before setting its coordinates to origin (as this is where the bullseye had been set) before scaling and positioning the text to how you would like it.


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