3D Environment Controls in After Effects


Today we covered 3D environment controls within After Effects while creating a 3D square. These environment controls include anchor points, the pan-behind-tool, custom views, the snapping tool, nulls and parenting and lighting.

To begin we changed the active camera to Custom View 3 and created a new solid square before changing it to a 3D layer. We duplicated this square multiple times and changed its position to form a cube. Using the snapping tool we attached all the vertexes together so the cube would be as one before attaching all of the individual squares to a null so we can move the whole cube together. Since this moves the cube weirdly, we then had to create another null to attach to this null.


We then created a spotlight and began to play with the lighting in After Effects to see how it works.

We then went to create a solid the size of the canvas with a gradient layer style on it to try out simulations.

1711 2.PNG

The simulations added different animation effects to the solid to create cool looking effects.


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