Christmas Game Research

Before starting designing the Christmas game, we played several games that were available on browsers or phones which showed us what type of games were available on browsers.

We played last years college Christmas game which had city monuments in Sunderland in the background as you played as santa dropping presents in chimneys as you avoided birds. The game was well designed and fun to play.


I then played a game called Casanova which had you play as a giraffe who had to stretch their neck in order to kiss the other giraffes. The game is short and cute and it even has pick ups to add points to your score or change all the giraffe’s necks so they are the same size.


I then played a game called penguin diner where you control a penguin who owns a café. You are given a certain amount of time within a day and a certain amount of money to earn, the money from each customer depends on how quickly you serve them. The game is simple to understand but it may not be good inspiration for the Christmas game as it has different levels and stages as well as unlocks: it may be too long for a quick Christmas game under a minute.

jellies.PNG jells.PNG

I then played a game based underwater called constellations where you play as two jellyfish and have to collect starfish to create constellations. I like the design of the game, it uses nice colours and the overall design of the jellyfish and night sky that appears when you collect the stars is very nice. However, the game is not very hard and you can keep playing for a very long time because of this.


I then found another Christmas game named flight of the season where you are flying overhead of obstacles and have to aim to click on the houses in order to deliver the presents. I like the design of the objects (the snowman. tree and house) but more stuff could be added to the background (stars in the sky etc.)


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