UV Unwrapping

After finishing the model for the spaceship the next step was to UV unwrap the model so we can paint it in photoshop. UV unwrapping is the process of turn a 3D model into multiple 2D shapes so we are able to paint it.

To begin with I tried to select each of the faces I wanted to UV wrap before planar mapping. E.g. to begin with I selected the top half of the left wing and planar mapped it before unfolding it in the UV editor.

However, doing this I got confused so I decided the colour code the whole spaceship so I could picture which parts I had to select and where I had to stitch these parts together. This helped with the selection part of the process however, I am still unsure with the unfolding and stitching parts together of the process.

uv unwraps.JPG

This is how my UV’s currently look. I have managed to unfold one upper wing but when I attempted to unfold the lower it went weird.


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