Robot Project #1: Research into Designs

In the concept art class, we have been given a month and a half to have designed a robot with a specific theme in mind. The theme will have to be expressed in terms of colour, design and (maybe) a logo. To begin with, we must research existing robot designs to both expand our knowledge of robots and give us new ideas to add to our already existing ideas for a robot.


The first robot I looked into was the bird-like robot “Songbird” from the video game BioShock infinite. He is a large bird who flies through the sky and is tasked with guarding Elizabeth, a human character in the game. I like high design as it has a steampunk feel and even though a lot of him does not look like a bird (his arms and legs etc.) you can tell that his design is based off a bird due to his wings and beak-like mouth. I also like how he portrays his emotions through the noises he makes and the colours of his eyes: when he is angry, going to attack etc. his eyes turn red but during the game when he is comforted by Elizabeth his eyes turn green.


I then researched the design of Eva Unit-01 from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. I like these robots as, even though it is clear that they are modelled on humans due to their humanoid bodies, they have features such as the extended shoulders and horn-like feature coming out of their foreheads. I also like how in the show all Eva Units’ colours all match the colour’s of their specific pilot.


Above are various designs of droids from the Star Wars franchise. I like the design of these droids as even though they have similar bodies each is given individuality through their colours and design of their heads etc. I also like how they are not designed for attack.


Marquis is a character from the video game Battleborn, which is made by the same people behind Borderlands which can be seen through the design of the environments as well as their characters. Above are the designs of Marquis, a hero you can play as in the game, and Hoodini who is an owl Marquis can deploy which will then fly around the area till it finds an enemy it can destroy before exploding. I like the gold, metallic design of both Hoodini and Marquis as well as the highlighted blue in both Hoodini’s and Marquis design. I also like how their designs match and how Hoodini is based on an owl as I like the idea of robotic animals. I also like their old fashioned, steampunk design.


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