Refining Spaceship

Today we were tasked with improving the spaceships which we started last week. I chose to start a new spaceship and this is how it looks after 1 and a half hours of modelling. We were then paired up for peer assessment so we could learn another persons opinion on our models. My feedback was that the cockpit, wings and smooth top of my model were well done but for improvement I need to attach the second wing (which is currently not merged with the spaceship as seen above), think about working on the back end of the spaceship and maybe add engines like that of Star Wars’ X-Wing spaceship model and guns onto the spaceship.


After receiving my feedback I spent the remainder of the lesson attaching the left wing onto my spaceship and modifying the wings before modelling the engines. Away from class I plan to make my spaceship completely symmetrical, working on the back end of my spaceship which I have not yet gotten to yet and also perhaps add turrets of some kind onto the spaceship.


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