Flash Games

Over the weekend I have played several games which were made in flash to become more aware of what the program is capable of and this is what I played.

Adventure Capitalist Screenshot (21).png

Adventure Capitalist is a clicker game where you invest in several different businesses in order to earn more money to be able to invest in more businesses. While it sounds boring and repetitive, its actually strangely addictive.

Plants vs Zombiesplants-vs-zombies-10

Plants vs Zombies is a strategy game based in the player’s back garden where you have tprotect your house against invading zombies by planting different types of plants to kill the zombies. The game is super fun and I enjoy it a lot.



This game is a web game which you can play here and was developed by a graphic designer named Alex Ocias. The game is a platformer made original by its narrative and the consequences of either doing or not doing what the narrator is asking you to.


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