The Maze Game

For our first three lessons we were given a game named “The Maze Game” and told that we could edit it in any way we wanted. Since Flash was a program which I had not previously used, I spent the majority of the first lesson playing around with it and finding out what I could do with Flash. In this lesson I created a game called ‘Finding Food’ where you played as a cat who was trying to find their dinner by completing various mazes. Since I thought the mazes in this game were too simple (since I was not used to Flash and completed the game in the first lesson) I remade The Maze Game again featuring a dog and a bone.


The image shows the first and one of the most simplest levels of my games where you basically just have to drag the dog around the obstacles to their bone. Since this was the first time I’d used Flash, I made many mistakes like editing the level after forgetting to select the level, meaning that I had been drawing on top of the level so the dog could easily pass through something that was meant to be an obstacle.

Here are the other levels:




Overall, I had fun messing around with Flash and creating the game but if I had more time I would have liked to edit the backgrounds and theme the levels, e.g. have a level where the dog is outside in a field or a cat has stolen the dog’s bone.

Thank you for reading.





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